Thursday, February 21, 2008

Absinthe: The revival of "Cool"

Absinthe is a distilled, highly alcoholic (45%-75% ABV), anise-flavored spirit derived from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of the medicinal plant Artemisia absinthium, also called “wormwood.” Absinthe is typically of a natural green color but is also produced in both clear and artificially colored styles. It is often called “the Green Fairy.”

Numerous artists and writers living in France during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were noted absinthe drinkers and featured absinthe in their works. These include Vincent van Gogh, Édouard Manet, Amedeo Modigliani, Arthur Rimbaud, Guy de Maupassant, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Paul Verlaine. Later authors and artists would draw from this cultural well including Pablo Picasso, August Strindberg, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway. Aleister Crowley was also noted for his habitual Absinthe use.(Source: Wikipedia)

The Mystique and illicit qualities of Absinthe from theater, movies and television, often applying dramatic license to depict the drink as everything from aphrodisiac to poison.

This drink is VERY rare in the United States, and is mainly consumed in elite social circles. It is becoming popular again in Europe and the United States will most likely catch up with this re-popularity of this historical drink.

Here is one of the most popular Absinthe brands in the U.S. and England:

Absinthe - Sure to light a fire under your ass.


xlcruk said...

Wormwood is well named as it worms it's way into the brain. Most of the names in your 19th. century list ended up slightly screwy after drinking this stuff. No wonder it's been banned by some countries. Tastes good though!!

Double U said...

Thanks for the comment. I've never had wormwood, I've got to try it now. Cheers!

8 Popular Vodka Cocktails

Name Ingredients Preparation Garnish Glass
Black Russian 1oz Vodka Stir well with ice None Rock
  .25oz Kahlua      

Bloody Mary 1.25oz Vodka Pour over ice adding Lemon & Celery Stick Rock
  Tomato Juice sauce last    
  Worcestershire sauce      

Bull Shot 1.25oz Vodka Pour over ice adding Lemon Rock
  Beef Bouillon salt & pepper and sauce    
  Worcestershire sauce      

Harvey Wallbanger 1oz Vodka Pour vodka and orange Cherry & Orange Collins
  .25oz Galliano over ice and add Galliano    
  3oz Orange Juice      

In The Pink 1.25oz Vodka Shake with ice and strain Cherry & Orange Brandy Balloon
  3oz Cranberry Juice into glass, add soda    
  1oz Lemon Juice      
  .5oz Syrup      
  Soda Water      

Long Island .25oz Vodka Pour over ice and add coke Lemon Slice & aspirin Collins
  .25oz Gin      
  .25oz White Rum      
  .25oz Tequila      
  .25oz Triple Sec      
  .5oz Lemon Juice      

Martini 1.25oz Vodka Stir with ice and strain into Olive Cocktail
  Dash of Dry Vermouth glass, add twist of lemon    

Moscow Mule 1.25oz Vodka Pour over ice & stir Lemon slice Rock
  Dash of lime      
  Ginger Beer      

Screw Driver 1.25oz Vodka Pour over ice & stir Cherry & Orange Rock
  Orange Juice      

White Russian 1oz Vodka Stir with ice None Rock
  .25oz Kahlua      
  .25oz Cream      

White Spider 1oz Vodka Stir with ice None Rock
  .25oz White Crème de Menthe